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Accelerate your growth and scale your revenue

We provide Sales Leadership and bring our Revenue Strategies, Expertise, Proven Processes, and Advanced Technologies Knowledge to transform Sales organizations and exponentially grow Business Revenues.

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We are a team of expert people helping you grow your business.

Revenue Growth

After spending time ‘in the pressure cooker’ with many organizations, our Fractional CROs know how to DELIVER and achieve/exceed desired results much faster, resulting in increased revenues and profitability.

Cost Savings

Our fractional executives bring all the benefits of a full-time executive, delivering both Tactical AND Strategic results to your company at a fraction of the cost for a full-time team member.

 Unparalleled Sales Leadership

While your executives possess deep expertise and talents (even potentially in Sales) nothing can beat the leadership provided by our Fractional CRO’s. We deliver leadership that completely transforms the Sales and Marketing functions and delivers the results you’ve been seeking for (possibly) years.

Unique Competitive Advantages

Our Fractional CROs are well-seasoned and well-studied executives with decades of experience. Staying abreast of the latest innovations and integrating them with traditional practices that ‘work’, we’re able to build UNIQUE Competitive Advantages to your company.

Long-Term Strategies that Beat the Competition

Our Fractional executives are consultants with 25+ years of experience (each) and have managed varied, complex organizations and people. They craft Sales and Marketing Strategies, and the supporting plans, that consistently deliver higher growth rates to our clients, compared to the competition.

See how Revenu Factor can help

We work with you and your team to identify opportunities…areas of deficiency that are holding you back. We then help you grow profitably by partnering with you…exponentially growing funnel-size, accelerating pipeline performance, improving sales conversion, and optimizing customer success.

Our Happy Customers

A huge thank you to the Revenu Factor. We were seeking investor funding and needed to demonstrate our ability to grow sales. Revenu Factor doubled our revenues within six months and grew our sales funnel by 580%.

John S. - Card It

Revenu Factor…what a team! Chris stepped in and revamped everything we were doing in marketing and sales. We thought we had it ‘all together’, but quickly realized our short falls. The turnaround has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you.

Micah H.  - MedHorizons

We are incredible technologists and thought we knew all about branding, marketing, and sales too. A quick audit proved we didn’t. Revenu Factor deployed a ‘fractional team’ to design and implement marketing tools, sales processes, and technologies that more than tripled our sales funnel within 90 days.

Amber R. - FinTrans

Kudos to Chris and the Revenu Factor extended team. The level of experience and professionalism exhibited by the team is the best we’ve experienced. Having hired several other companies to help us, we engaged with Revenu Factor rather cautiously. Chris, his leadership, his approach are unmatched and has significantly exceeded our anticipated revenue growth targets.

Stephen H. - ReTech Genius

I’m approached, daily, by companies that tell me how they ‘know my client’s businesses’ and how they can ‘increase the valuation’ of my client’s through their Sales and Marketing leadership. Something struck me about my conversation with Revenu Factor that led me to introduce them to a few of our portfolio companies. Probably one of the best decisions we’ve ever made…Results have been amazing.

Adam G. - Top 5 Private

Equity Firm

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Our brand is built on the premise that 'Revenue' is the Factor that either propels the company forward or results in the company’s demise. We focus on the 'Revenue Factor' for your business...providing Sales Leadership and Marketing Expertise to ensure ongoing relevance, presence, and viability.

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